Trout Fishing

Elvesida Farm offers fly-fishing in two dams.

Sassy Dam

The dam is located in front of “The Sheds“. It was built in 2012 and due to the course gravel in its location did not hold water. The dam was almost abandoned and labelled “The most expensive hole in KZN”, but fortunately we managed to line the dam with a geosynthetic clay liner and within a week was full of water. Sassy dam is perfect for the beginner fly fisherman. It promises to reward you once you get that cast right or if you prefer you can just sit back and enjoy sundowners from your accommodation as you watch the trout rise and jump to an evening hatch.

Nattie’s Dam (The Old Dam)

This dam is located below the owner’s cottage near the Dirt Road, it was built when Noel and Eve first purchased the farm in the late 1980s.  The dam was initially stocked with trout but over the years the bass took over.  We have drained the dam in recent years and have decided to reintroduce trout into its waters.  The first stocking took place in 2013 when we introduced 100 x 10 inch rainbows into it.  With a fair amount of weed cover in the dam, it can be a challenge to get your fly in the right place but we are confident that we will be seeing some trophy trout come out of it in a few years’ time.


Fly-fishing Rules:

  1. Fly-fishing only.  No Bait fishing or spinning allowed.
  2. Barbless flies must be used at all times.
  3. Please ensure all fish are handled correctly and that your hands are wet when handling trout.
  4. Elvesida dams are stocked once a year with 10 inch Rainbow trout.
  5. Elvesida supports catch-and-release but if you wish to keep a fish each angler has a bag limit of 2 fish.  All fish under 1kg will be charged at R50 an anything above that will be charged at R75 each.  Please inform management if you wish to keep your fish as this aids in the stocking of our dams.
  6. The farm stall has rods that can be hired at R75 a day or R100 a weekend.  We also stock a small collection of favourable flies that are R15 each.
  7. Float tubes are only permitted on The Old Dam and not Sassy Dam.
  8. Please leave all gates as you found them when walking to the dams.
  9. Children under 16 must be supervised by an adult.
  10. When fishing in Sassy Dam please respect guests in the cottages located near the water.
  11. Please remove all bass found in Nattie’s Dam.